Cultural Information Made Accessible

Pictogramas cima

The first barrier to enjoy cultural resources is, in many cases, information access. Navigating digital information, scanning through opening times, prices and policies… All of these tasks may pose a wall between potential attendees and the cultural resource itself. Even language may be difficult to understand for migrant groups or persons with complex communication needs. Many reports and studies at an international level have pointed out the necessity of making cultural information accessible to all (and specially to disadvantaged public) and the variety of cultural opportunities available.

CIMA App (“Cultural Information Made Accesible”) is ment to bridge this gap. By providing a very simple, structured and straightforward set of details, the app will generate an PDF document (accessible to screen readers) with pictografic and easy to read texts. All details, such as typography, colour contrast, transparency and iconography of pictograms, etc., have been carefully addressed.

You can personalize the document with all the information and logos of your institution or cultural resource. This web-based app is free and easy to use.

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